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Transactional Funding FAQs


We don’t just turn around and Our transaction lending is taken on a case by case basis. Depending on the situation, could be a percentage of the purchase price
or a flat rate. we are negotiable on terms and conditions.offer the same, generic loan to everyone, over and over. We work with you to find one that fits your goals, your plans, your visions, your wildest dreams… in other words, the right one for you.

There are NONE. We do not hide fee or add any unnecessary charges!!
We do fund individuals! We fund individuals & legal entities as stated below:
  • Companies
  • LLC’s
  • Trust
  • Inc.
There are ZERO restrictions when reselling HUD properties. HUD properties can be moved and/or sold in any time frame. You can flip a HUD property in 24 hours with no restrictions. While dealing with a short sale transaction – you may be subjected to resale restrictions from the bank. For all HUD transactions is best to utilize the follow advice and tips
  • Present our funds as a Loan vs as Cash. This will not effect you when positively or negatively during a HUD bid.
  • We recommend bidding on HUD properties as and entity. There are ZERO benefits of bidding on it as an individual, and as state above – we will only fund business entities (LLC, Trust, INC, etc)
At this time, we are only offering short term lending solutions. We do not offer Extended Transactional Funding (ETF) at the moment. Our time frame on short term transactional funding is 90 days or less.
As long as our funds are used, you have access to POF. We use a proactive approach to protect your interest in the deal, we do ask that any verification of the POF be a pre arranged conference call. This call is to be arranged with you, the investor, and the party looking to verify.
There is nothing needed to quality for POF. All that is needed is a commitment to use our funds for your transaction.
We do have a processing fee of $1,250.00 that will be charged at closing. This is used to cover all legal cost of the transactions. This process includes reviewing all legal documents, as well as making sure we are legally eligible to close. Our Attorney will throughly inspect all criteria, property details, and title to make sure all basis are covered in the lending process.
We offer a very simplistic approach to transaction lending. There is no criteria needed as there would be for traditional funding. We don’t ask for LTV, Credit Checks, Appraisals, or Income statements. All we ask is to have the (1) Investor, (2) Seller, (3) Buyer in place, and have commitment from (4) buyers mortgage company OR POF from the Buyer (3).
We will fund 100% of the (2) (3) transaction. Investor (1) will have ZERO out-of-pocket fees.
We will fund commercial properties, as long as there is a double close that will happen within 12 hours of us committing funds.
We offer STTL (Short Term Transactional Lending) in any state country wide.